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This Week In Pictures (14/02/22)

 "What would be a good opener?.." thought Sgt C as he began to write a blog post in between doing his geography homework and researching Leadership training.  Anyway, I've been busy, but now I'm back, with a camera in my hand; and I've come to tell you all about what we've been doing at 1368 Squadron, through the only way I know how... This Week In Pictures! 1 / 3 It was back to classification training this week, with the new cadet flights completing their First Class logbooks in their lessons. In this photo, Sgt P is helping Cdt F to finish the Map Reading section of the logbook. 2 / 3 The new cadets weren't the only ones doing classifications. All of the cadets are putting in the effort, and we hope that we can move everyone up a level in their classifications within a few months time. 3 / 3 On Wednesday, instead of cross country, we had a sporty/games night. Games such as 'Playing Card Shuttle Runs' and 'Bli

Cadet Portal Information Video

This old video has some useful overview info on the cadet portal:  Cadet Portal Briefing for Air Cadets from Royal Air Force Air Cadets on Vimeo . Cadets login name can be provided by Squadron staff

Staff and Cadet Recruitment

Squadron strength now around 40 on the books with 25'ish attending any given parades. We are open for new cadets (typically cadets join in year 8 or 9). We have switched to an intake system where new starters join as an intake, as this helps them build a group of friends in the same boat (well, plane). There are also induction days where young people can come with their family members to understand what it's all about and meet the staff and some cadet NCOs. The next of these is in 2 weeks, hence potential new starters should get their names in ASAP. We are actively seeking to recruit new adult volunteers. Join as an adult volunteer - RAF Air Cadets (

One of our NCOs has been accepted on the Air Cadet Leadership Course (ACLC)

Super news. One of our NCOs has been one of four in Birmingham and Warwickshire Wing accepted on RAF Cranwell's Air Cadet Leadership Courses (ACLC). The ACLC is a national level course; an exciting and very challenging week of very early mornings, drill, leadership theory, command tasks, and (probably) even nights in the field. The disadvantage is that we can't promote him now, as that would make him ineligible! Well done, for getting accepted. Great application.

ATC Sunday parade celebrating the founding of the ATC

To celebrate the founding of the Air Training Corps on 5 February 1941 and in lieu of no Wing events, 1368 Squadron had an extended parade on Sunday 6th with drill, team building exercises and other training. As a bit of history, the origins of the RAF Air Cadets dates back to the second world war. The idea came from Air Commodore J A Chamier, now known as the father of the air cadets who served in the army, the Royal Flying Corps and the RAF in 1919 (not long after it formed).  With his love for aviation, he was determined to get British people aware of the RAF and its vital role in any future war. He wanted to establish an air cadet corps, encouraging young people to consider a career in aviation. In 1938 the Air Defence Cadet Corps (ADCC) was founded. By the end of 1940, the government realised the value of the cadet force and took control of the ADCC. It reorganised and renamed it, and on the 5th February 1941 the Air Training Corps was officially established with King George VI as