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3 more 1368 cadets managed to get flying at the weekend

Well, fancy that, a Sunday in October which is a lovely sunny day. Finally, the time cometh with a great opportunity for 3 of our 1368 cadets to bag their first flight in an RAF Tutor 1 on an Air Experience Flight (AEF). Cpl B did a loop, and newbie transfer Cdt T said he flew a "zero g" maneuver (well, you get to choose your experience) but at least no-one threw-up.  Many thanks to our friends at 1289 (Stratford) Sqn for their help and support. We owe you (again). 

Well done to the 6 cadets from 1368 who successfully achieved their Gold DofE expedition

Well done to the 6 cadets from 1368 who successfully achieved their Gold DofE 4 day expedition in Wales. What mountains? Ok, there were 4 days of mountains. Rain as well, well it's Wales isn't it. Let's face it, they had the choice of the bad weather route and headed up anyway, oblivious to the storm but in the end, they achieved an end with memories they won't forget (even if they wanted to). Plus a return trip to "Big Dobbies". What more could you want? Well done to the Golden Sun (just-set) team 2022. Many thanks to Wales & West Region for their support.

Camping food for vegan/Hindu

When we do shorter expeditions with DofE, it's often nice to have some pre-cooked boil-in-water (without opening) camping meals such as those produced by Wayfayrer . Even with DofE discount these are still relatively expensive. Quite a while ago, I had a cadet turn up and cook what smelt like an amazing 'Git' (now Ashoka) Indian meal that was boil-in-bag and I've been a fan ever since.  You need to like spicey 'Indian/Asian' cuisine but the other great things about these meals are that they suit Vegan/Hindu/Halal diets, and less that £1.50 rather than £4.50! Due to its large international population, Warwick Uni Roots grocery store has these and lots of spicey exotic international food and noodles (Chinese and Japanese) that you can't get anywhere else.