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This Week Not In Pictures (17/01/22)

Big news this week is that Fg Off was beaten during cross country by a 13 year old. Shocking isn't it? As an excuse he's citing some evidence of iron deficiency coming from a mainly vegan diet. Also he started off a bit slow as he was stuffing dextrose tablets into his mouth at the time. Won't happen again apparently. Oh, and there's talk of a new recruit flight intake at the beginning of March 2022.

DofE Enrolment Form link now in the Forms list

DofE enrolment: An  .doc enrolment form  or PDF  (link to form with some pre-filled info for Sqn) must be completed on first enrolment to eDofE. 1368 Sqn is passionate about the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. The DofE is open to young people and has 3 levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold.  Participants complete activities at each level over set periods in each of 4 sections - Volunteering, Expeditions, Skills, Physical; for Gold only, a Residential is added as a fifth section. For the Participant: The DofE is understood by those outside of the ATC. There is a greater expectation of involvement by the cadet in the planning stage of their DofE experience than in standard cadet syllabus, thus accelerating the process of personal development. The ATC syllabus offers an almost ‘off-the-shelf’ programme to gain an Award and there are ample opportunities for cadets and young volunteer staff to gain Awards by their work within the Corps. DofE generates success in areas of particular interest to t

December Prize Giving

December news was that we did Prize Giving at the Sqn with the cadets (no parents due to COVID but that will be back next year!) and then we ended up cancelling ice skating xmas visit. 6 promotions though: Cpl C, Cpl M & Cpl P all became Cadet Sergeants, and Cdt M, Cdt B, Cdt G all became Corporals (well deserved). This gives us a better structure for handling all the newbies.