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Last week in pictures, w/end 23 Jul

Great success squeezing quals/badges out before school hols.  Amazing turn-around time for 6 or so stepping up to do their presentation skills (pre-reqs for MOI on route to Instructor cadet lanyard). Finished First Class for 0123 intake. Borrowed band equip to get some marching band badges done. Cadets did Essential First Aid (mandatory trng) and to keeping inter-flight competition interesting, Spitfire flight (who used to think they were called Vulcan) won the OASC-style  debate-off , even-stevens in contest (2 wins each). As well as competitive aspects, aim of stronger flights is to scale sqn better with higher cadet numbers, incl. division of pastoral/uniform care.

NCOs from 1368 Squadron attended RIAT 2023

Two 1368 Sqn Corporals were lucky enough to be part of 150 cadets and staff from the RAF Air Cadets supporting the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) 2023, 13-16 July.  The camp is hard work but also a very unique opportunity to get up and close to lots of aircraft including this Royal Air Force Red Arrow's Hawk. Feedback was "it was brilliant, Sir". "Did you see lots of planes?", "Yes, Sir , lots".

First place for 1368 Sqn in Wing First Aid competition

Well done to team 1368 who came 1st in the Wing First Aid competition at Wing Field Day 2023. Apparently, the subject was losing sensation in their arm because of the amount of pressure applied. It's good to know that we're in safe hands. 

1368 Sqn has a new Cadet Warrant Officer

Well done to Staff Instructor Cadet G on her promotion to Cadet Warrant Officer, CWO, the highest Cadet rank after a successful boarding interview. This is  the only cadet rank that cannot be promoted by the Commanding Officer, only recommended, as it is the decision of the Wing’s Commanding Officer to promote. Requirements: – 18 years old or over – Pass an interview with Wing staff to determine if the cadet should be promoted. It's great to have a CWO present at the Sqn again and very fitting given the current squadron size and successes which have come from the teamwork and commitment of our cadet NCO team.

Last few weeks in pictures

Since wing field day, 1368 squadron has done a few different things: An inter-flight competition, newbies have done radio operator blue badge, and we had a visit from the low-land rescue team which included a teddy bear search.  At the moment, the Inter-flight comp is 2 to 1 to Vulcan at moment (who think they're called Spitfire): 1. Crazy Team Race - Vulcan won 2. Egg Drop STEM challenge - Vulcan won 3. Continuity Drill competition - Spitfire won We also had 3 cadets achieve ability to assess blue aviation flight sim, and 5 cadets got to go on Bronze Cyber Defender course with other cadets from the Wing.

Inter-flight competition launches with team challenge race

This week in pictures. Monday saw the launch of the inter-flight competition that will run in 3 weeks up until schools break. First up was a team-challenge race night. Cadets also celebrated beating their top 3 target at WFD '23 in Operation Domino's by, well, eating pizza.. Wednesday saw slightly less cadets (no pizza). It was the launch of the inter-flight continuity drill competition although it seemed to kick off well. Newbies did radio (no photos though). Race went better than expected. Highly competitive! Won by Vulcan flight.