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Air Cadet Foundation Leadership Blue Badge

We're half-way through our Blue Badge Leadership training. Already seem some amazing examples. There are 2 parts to the Air Cadet Foundation Leadership Blue Badge, the theory and the practical.  Theory Part Open Ultilearn via Cadet Portal or by visiting . Complete the Blue Badge Foundation Leadership: SMEAC Briefings course. You may need to register for the course after you have logged in (look in the Progressive Training Syllabus folder). Follow the instructions within the e-learning course and answer each question carefully. You must score 75% to successfully complete this training. If you get less than this you can delete the course, re-register and try again (see above). Practical Part A cadet must undertake at least 2 exercises and pass both. Should a cadet not achieve a pass, they can attempt as many exercises as necessary in order to achieve at least 2 passed exercises.  There is one common Assessment Sheet for all exercises. A separate sheet

The RAF Air Cadet's Astra initiative

Air Commodore Anthony Keeling is a senior Royal Air Force officer and current Commandant Air Cadets. He's very keen to update the Air Cadets to align with the modern world and the type of skills that are important in the RAF. Astra is the name given to the initiative to modernize air cadet training to align with this future. RAF Air Cadet Purpose We are an Air, Space and Cyber focused uniformed youth organisation whose purpose is to grow young people’s potential while fostering an interest in the Royal Air Force. RAF Air Cadet Astra Ambition A leading, progressive and inclusive organisation delivering life-enhancing Air Cadet experiences that will equip our people to contribute to every aspect of the national Air, Space and Cyber enterprise. RAF Air Cadet Astra Vision To achieve this ambition, the Air Cadets will modernise and transform as an Air, Space and Cyber focussed uniformed youth organisation, providing innovative and inclusive life-enhancing experiences for young people, r

First Aid planning in progress

Many thanks to our friends at the Lion's Club, Warwick. These are not a cunning way to pack more cadets into the building but rather part of a plan to get 1368 cadets First Aid qualified. Improving our First Aid training aligns with the four Air Cadet Organisation core values of respect, integrity, service and excellence.

Some Redpoint climbing photos from 7 March 2022

Cadets had a little trip to Redpoint in Birmingam for some climbing. Some really amazing improvments throughout the night from both first timers and more regular climbers.

Air Experience Flying (AEF) pre-event information

AEF is the abbreviation for Air Experience Flying. A chance for Air Cadets to fly a real aeroplane. Air Experience Flight (AEF) pilots are current or former RAF pilots, or experienced commercial pilots who volunteer to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm for flying to cadets. Many are former cadets themselves. Your first trip will be both exciting and daunting. To qualify (W&B Wing), all of the following criteria must be satisfied: Enrolled ATC cadet and have attended for a minimum of 12 weeks. Be aged 13¼ years or over. Have the parent's/guardian's consent to fly as follows: (1) For ATC - Certificate in RAF Form 3822A (ATC Record of Service) - this will be checked on SMS. Meet the medical standard laid down in and hold a completed RAFAC Av Med Form 1. Additionally, where aviation medical fitness is in doubt, hold a completed and countersigned RAF Form 6424 - this will be checked on the day.  Cadet Weight Requirements. Weight of a fully clothed cadet (without flying clot