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1368 Sqn team spirit shining again at the Wing Swimming Competition, 2023

Saturday saw a host of cadets from 1368 Sqn compete in the annual Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing Swimming Competition. Not entirely sure of all the medals we got, as I was down the shallow end discussing with the lifeguard how everyone should have the opportunity to swim 2 lengths of a swimming pool in a competition once in their lives. Team trophy announcements were deferred hence we live in suspense. I did see lots of happy faces though and that's the main thing. The senior girls team seemed very happy and cadets were also looking very sporty in their new Warwick and Royal (Leamington) Blue 1368 Squadron hoodies.  Great night to catch up with friends from across the Wing and experience the amazing 1368 team spirit with cadets helping each other and making friends with others. 

1368 squadron launch Operation Bang The Drum

With the aim of stretching their '0821' and '1021' intake, saw their first ever 1368 had their first ever band practice as the result of attracting a new staff member able to deliver this element of the Air Cadet Progressive Training Syllabus. Aim of this kick off was to form a seedling group to lead the '0821/1021' intake through the rudiments and to eat chocolate gluten-free biscuits.  Blue Badge Band badges here we come! Thanks to Civ Comm also for their quick support to get us rolling.  

Drum roll please...

The exciting thing is that we continue to look for ways to challenge and broaden the experience of our 1368 cohort of cadets in the  Progressive Training Syllabus  of the Air Cadets. The nice thing about the syllabus is that it is very broad. There is something for everybody, it's rich and diverse provided that we can attract staff qualified and enthusiastic to deliver. Our latest foray, driven partly from a need to give our 2021 intake something new, is the idea of learning how to play marching drums... The great thing of course, that there is lots of pun opportunity here. I mean, I don't want to bang the drum too much but there is so much potential in this, it could be the right timing?

Looking smart

2023 has started with numbers of cadets parading remaining high. We parading 45 cadets on Monday having taken on a small "top-up" Spring induction group in January. So far, so good. It's a great Squadron of cadets we've got at the moment with some fantastic NCOs.

Swimming training

Cadets from 1368 have been doing some swimming training in readiness for Wing competition and to stop them drowning if they fall into water. Engagement from newbies is encouraging and a nice balance of different ages, sexes and abilities with staff also stepping up to help. Pretty good numbers on sessions, 20-25 cadets with regulars but also some dipping in and out.  This has been a opportunity for those who can already swim to push to improve their individual abilities and get their Intermediate and Advanced Swimming proficiencies by doing regular training sessions, and also to make sure all our cadets have their basic swimming proficiencies to enable them to take part in water-based activities such as kayaking, that may come up during the year. Will also help if we do some adventure training camps that include gorge walking.

Stepping into 2023

So, we have slid into 2023 and I recall the intelligence from the youth of today is that white socks are "the thing" to wear with sliders, except I seem to only have odd socks on the white front. New year, new challenges.