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The cadet experience is open to everyone aged 12-16 years old regardless of nationality/race, background, gender/sexuality, or ability. A good age to join is Year 9 and most cadets join when they go into year 8 or 9 and stay for 2-5 years. You need to be under 17 to join. Some cadets become staff cadets when they're 18 and continue to do cadet activities until their 20th birthday. 

1368 likes to run an intake system where new cadets join as a cohort and proceed through their training together starting with an induction period. These are often but are not always aligned to the start of school terms as starting a school year is when many become first eligible. Prior to joining, candidates can arrange a visit, get a feel for us and if interested to proceed discuss options.

If you're interested in joining then please email or contact Squadron via official RAFAC website here form here:

Interested in joining as a Cadet | Royal Air Force Air Cadets ( 

Staff will need to get contact details for parents/carers to arrange visits which need to organised in advance, but will be done when the interest arises.

If interested in joining as a staff member, use this form via official RAFAC website:

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