First Class badges and certificates awarded...

March marked the end of a key phase of training for at least fifteen 1368's cadets who completed and were awarded their First Class classification badges. Most of this intake joined the squadron last year; our '1022' intake. Well done to FS Graham for her excellent management of their training and workbook completions.

Instruction in aviation related subjects is an important but enjoyable part of the Air Cadets. Classifications give individual cadets a higher level of responsibility and increase their options within the organisation. First Class will open up more flying opportunities. 

Classification Badges are worn on an ATC Brassard which is situated on the right arm. Every cadet has a classification, making it separate from rank. Progression goes from Second Class (Junior) > First Class > Leading > Senior > Master. Usually this aligns to years of service, in that they would progress a classification for each year they are a cadet. Cadets can also become Instructor Cadets and wear a lanyard, and teach junior cadets.

Workbooks are kept for BTEC qualification evidence.


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