1368 Drill Squad Performance, 25 Jun 2023

Should be really proud of their Warks & B'ham Wing Field Day '23 drill performance. Alas, no win, the margins are small, but could well have been the best performance of the drill element of the assessment on the day (who knows?) and certainly the best self-taught squad in the Wing. Surprised quite a few staff and you were genuinely applauded by the audience and Wing Warrant Officer at the end. Sounded and felt good and you didn't leave anything on the table in terms of performance element. 

Sets us up nicely for the future as quite a few of you only joined in Oct 2022 and have many cadet years to come, hopefully. Next year we can work on it, as there's a few things we left on the table and we can get the uniform order and that side of it properly sorted.


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