1368 Sqn cadets help at Warwick Bonfire, 4 Nov 2023

Well done to all the cadets that helped at this years Lion's Charity Warwick Bonfire Event on 4 Nov 2023. A bit wet in the morning but it didn't rain for the fireworks display! They also got to sit around chatting while eating all the sandwiches left over by Sponsors/VIPs. One should never be surprised how much food cadets can eat when an opportunity presents itself.

Community Duties is one of the pillars of being a 1368 Sqn Air Cadet. We have other pillars such as DofE, Sports, and Domino's Pizza but Community Duties like this show that the air cadets' want to be involved in their local community and they present a positive view of young people enthusiasm to help others. Plus it gives them an excuse to be with each other (and eat). 


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