Joining the air cadets

We currently have 3 intakes a year aligned to the start of the school terms. This means that our next intake is January 2024 and the likely intake after this would be April 2024.

The benefits of the intake system are:

  • You join at the same time as others who are in the same boat. This helps make friends.
  • Avoids repeats of training. Group works progressively through syllabus, building knowledge as they become integrated into the squadron.
  • Easier to deliver training with limited rooms.

When we get an expression of interest we will contact parents/guardian(s) to arrange a visit with the potential cadet, so they can see what it is like and have a look around. If there is still interest after this then we would advise when next intake is, and start the forms 2-4 weeks before the date.

The best place to submit an expression of interest is via the RAF website form: Go to and use the Find your local squadron search. 

All the squadrons are different, hence it's finding where you fit in and what nights work best for you. The earliest cadets can join is when you go into Year 8, although there's no reason they can't join later (year 9/10). The latest you can join is when you're 16, although existing cadets can continue as staff cadets until they're 20.

1368 Squadron has chosen to operates an intake system as a way to bring new cadets into the Squadron. Our average parade attendance in 2023 was 38 cadets.

If you read you will see some interesting statistics about the RAF cadets. RAF  cadets were the Cadet Force which had the highest academic achievement even before joining the Cadet Force and seem to accelerate their positive trajectory upon joining. Overall, 80% of non-cadets achieve at least Level 4 of the national curriculum (in English) and 77% (in Maths) at Key Stage 2. RAF cadets achieve  86% (in English) and 85%  (in Maths) and achieve at the expected levels or above perform better than non-cadets in Maths and English. Between the different Cadet Forces a significantly larger share of RAF Cadets achieve high GCSE results than their matched comparison group. The study concludes that taking part in the RAF Cadets for a period of at least one year has a positive impact on attainment and attendance at Key Stage 4, amongst other things. The main thing for us is that they grow in self confidence and they make friends. 


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