Reflecting on the year 2023

1368 ended year with strong sense of togetherness and pride, an environment with both fun and discipline. Here's some things we did:

  • Sqn won the Wing Swimming championships in Jan 2023. The result of a great team effort across the different categories. 
  • Sqn won the Wing Athletics championships in May 2023 by considerable points margin, despite not being the biggest team.
  • Sqn did blue badge band for the first time in Feb-Apr 2023, investing in drums and pads.
  • Sqn repeated previous success in Blue Radio and Blue Leadership in Feb-Apr 2023, ensuring basic radio operator is done by all cadets in first year. 
  • Sqn ensured a focus presentation skills course. At least 5 cadets went on to attend Wing MOI courses, and at least 5 were assessed to get Instructor cadet lanyards. 
  • Cadets did Essential First Aid (EFA) and Activity First Aid (AFA) quals. First Aid team best in Wing on Wing comp day (by a considerable points margin)
  • We had a massive drop of Swimming Proficiency certificates in Feb - basic, intermediate and advanced - after running at least 7 swimming sessions leading up to Wing swimming comp.
  • 1368 cadets actively participated in Wing events including Road Marching and Cyber badge training. 1 NCO became road marching instructor.
  • Cadets progressed their classifications, with a solid classroom teaching by Instructor cadets of Senior/Master as well as Leading and First Class.
  • Strong crop of new cadets maturing into NCO roles with high attendance/interest levels on Wing JNCO courses.
  • Cadets were promoted after undergoing a formal selection process including boarding interviews.
  • Sqn was top 4 in Wing competition day for first time (2nd at one point). 
  • Drill massively improved on 2022, excellent foundation skills laid. Amazing display from some junior cadets, at Wing competition day.. 
  • We did 2 IET (basic exped) activities, including a camping weekend that acted as a Bronze practice for some. 
  • We did 2 Bronze DofE actual expeditions; a 1 grouper in March and a 2 grouper in September.
  • 4 cadets understook Silver practice with Wing
  • We did a 2 group Silver DofE in Shropshire, incl. 4 cadets doing actual. 11 cadets completed overall. 
  • 5 cadets achieved their Gold DofE Awards. 
  • Cadets participated in annual SENTA fieldcraft camp. One of our cadets won best in Cadre.
  • 1 of our NCOs achieve the Commandants Coin for Excellence.
  • 3 of our NCOs were accepted on national Junior Leaders (JL) training programme and continue progression.
  • 1 of our NCOs got Gliding scholarship, became a Gliding School Staff Cadet and achieved her Bronze, Silver and Gold flying wings.
  • 1 of our NCOS was accepted on national Qualified Aerospace Instructors Course (QAIC) and continues progression.
  • Sqn continued its community duties, incl. Warwick Bonfire, Kenilworth Show, Napton Horse Show, Lion's Christmas Food Parcels, Leamington Regency run.
  • New grant for band was found to help us expand band equipment in 2024 
  • New grant for DofE equipment to refresh equipment for expeditions; get better fitting rucksacs etc for juniors.
  • 1 of our NCOs performed 1368 Sqn banner duty at B'ham Royal Tattoo.
  • We did station visit to RAF Benson for an enginenering focused day learning about the RAF and Chinooks.
  • We did Sqn-run inter-flight STEM-focused competition after Wing competition day which added to the breath of experiences and focus on ASTRA initiative.
  • 9 cadets attended a range of Wing camps at RAF and forces bases, including 2 at RIAT 2023. 
  • 5 cadets did PPT flying in Nov. 4 NCOs achieved PTT instructor qual to deliver blue aviation synthetic flying.
  • We did adventure training including 2 kayaking sessions and 2 climbing sessions.
  • We did socials including ice skating, karting and lazer quest.
  • We had a lot of fun. Gnorman the Gnome joined.
  • Induction process continued. New cadets were integrated and made to feel welcome.
  • We had 46 cadets on Remembrance Parade in Nov. Other parades included ATC Sunday parade and a Dambuster pilot church parade.
  • 1 of our NCOs did Lowland Leader Training in Dec.


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