Success at Essential First Aid (EFA) course, 1368 Sqn on 9 Dec 2023

Well done to the 5 of 9 members of 1368's 0923 intake who successfully attended the St John's Essential First Aid (EFA) course on 9 Dec 2023 at 1368 Squadron (4 pictured) to gain a first blue badge to sew on to their 1368 Sqn Lanyards. This was sector run course at the 1368 Sqn. Many thanks to staff from 1289 Squadron, Kenilworth, who delivered the material. Got great feedback. Cadets were all engaged, answered questions, put forward their thoughts and took part in all practical elements of the course. 

Blue badge First Aid training is part of the Air Cadet Progressive Training Syllabus (PTS). In accordance with ACTO 008, First Aid is one of the core activities essential for the Cadet Experience. Within the first six months of joining the Sqn, Cadets and CFAV must complete the EFA programme. Next stop will hopefully be some YFA training for all our cadets to get their Bronze badges. According to ACTO 008, Cadets should complete the YFA programme within an eighteen-months of joining, hence some more first aid training to come (1368's team were the Wing's First Aid champions in the summer 2023 training day competition). 


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