DofE kit thanks to King Henry VIII Endowed Trust

Many thanks to Warwick's King Henry VIII Endowed Trust, for their support for refreshing the Squadron's DofE kit for young people from the Old Borough of Warwick. We like to get our juniors out doing expeditions early in their cadet career and the grant will help us get much better fitting rucksacks for smaller cadets and more rollmats so they don't have to buy them themselves. This makes DofE more accessible and comfortable for those on lower-income, and better for the environment as the bags get heavy use over a large number of years.

The King Henry VIII Endowed Trust, Warwick is one of the oldest charities in the country. Its formation in 1545 came from the negotiations with King Henry VIII’s commissioners, when he effectively took the wealth of the local churches. This legacy lives on today, with the 50% of its distribution benefiting the 5 Anglican churches in Warwick. 30% of the distribution goes to the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation (which is used for means tested bursaries for Warwick children) and the remaining 20% Town Share is available for discretionary grants that benefit the inhabitants of the Old Borough of Warwick.


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