This week in pictures, w/end 16 Feb 2024

With Feb half-term, it's a good time to reflect on cadet's successes with classification finish-offs. Well done to Sgt R who joined Sgt W to achieve his Master cadet classif. Also, Cpl J was latest to join Cdt C, Cpl F, Cpl H, Cdt M, and Cpl R to achieve Senior. Most of 0923 intake have completed First Class books, and hence 9 badges likely in next couple of weeks once workbooks checked/finished. 

Other news, 7 cadets have enrolled on DofE for first time or upgraded. Cdt H achieved her Silver. We started plans for IET/DofE exped season. A rare Blue Aviation badge arrived for Cdt G W. Remaining cadets were fly in January did a sim night to make eligible and aviation badge request is in. NCO fieldcraft instructors did 2 nights of fieldcraft. Wed we did team building eve and DofE planners. New band equipment was unpacked, and some MTP issued. Also, 2 newbies to bolster 0124 intake. Ready for next training period now, as we switch away from classification focus to other stuff.


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