First Class classification graduation night, 4 Mar 2024

Well done to the attending members of the 0923/0523 intakes who got their First Class badges and certificates last night, a major milestone. 

As well as other general cadet training aspects, First Class workbooks cover:

  • Flying Operations (Features of an airfield, Features & types of aircraft used for Air Cadet flying & gliding, Processes used to launch gliders and maintain flight, The lookout system and The phonetic alphabet), 
  • Map Reading (Scales & features of OS Maps, Grid References, Plan routes using Ordnance Survey, map features & contour lines), 
  • Initial Expedition Training (Plan & prepare for safe walking expeditions, Use tents & carry equipment safety, Principles of safe camp craft on an expedition, Recognise & treat the effects of hypothermia & heat) and 
  • Radio (Types of radio equipment used within the RAF Air Cadets, Sending messages on the Air Cadet radio network, Procedures needed for the safe use of radio).

They're now transitioning into DofE and Pre-DofE (Blue Badge) expedition training with practical elements such as tents, packing, (safe) expedition cooking and route planning in readiness for their first expeditions together.


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