Successful 1368 Silver DofE expedition in Derbyshire, 12-14 Apr

1368 Sqn ran its first DofE expedition of the season last weekend. There was a mix of actual and practice candidates and we opened it out to cadets who came from two other squadrons.

Despite lots of schools now taking it up, DofE remains one of 1368's key pillars. Cadets start with Initial Expedition Training on parade nights and then move into planning and completing walks and camping in the local area. When it comes to Silver we start to move outside of the local area and we still like to complete Gold expeditions in wild country with a wild camp if we can. The great thing about DofE is that it all about teamwork. The challenge boosts self confidence and is great for the sense of comradery at 1368. Well done to Cpl R, Cpl F and Cdt S who all successfully nailed their actual expedition. Also Cdt M and Cdt T who stepped up to Silver like a breeze and Cdt P who continues to exhibit excellent map reading skills.


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