Triple Junior Leader (JL) success for 1368 Sqn

Designed to develop leadership and management skills in young adults through a military fashion, whilst gaining an ILM Level 3 Qualification in Leadership and Management, Junior Leaders is - physically and mentally - the hardest leadership course run at national level. There are over 40,000 air cadets. Around 100 get selected for JL each year, and many drop out. Not all make it through the grueling 6 weekends and 10 day final week. It's a good achievement for a Wing to have 3 cadets who pass the national Junior Leaders (JL) course in a year. All 3 of the cadets from 1368 Sqn successfully graduated JL 24.

CWO G, CWO C and FS M all from 1368 Sqn earnt the right to wear the prestigious maroon lanyard. They stuck with it during the COVID downtime and have been the leaders of our golden generation of post-COVID cadets. A fantastic achievement for them.


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