1368 Cadet's start Athletics and Hokey Cokey training

End of April saw the beginning of 1368 Squadron's athletics training period, something it traditionally does in the run up to the Wing athletics competition. This is also a period of exams for some of our older ones, hence in line with RAFAC policy we shift away from academic subjects. It also helps cadet's who would otherwise struggle to achieve DofE and Pre-DofE Physical sections.

Great enthusiasm shown by cadets in the first couple of sessions who got off to a flying start. 

Also, some important life skills learnt by junior cadets, such as how to do the Hokey Cokey, which the CWO justified as a professionally executed cool down, includes jogging on the spot, bending knees and stretching arms to name a few but seems to have "become a thing" since its first appearance.

The Squadron won the Wing athletics competition for the last two years, hence a lot on the line but nice to see how they spur each other on, regardless of ability. 


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