1368 Sqn cadets continue their Cyber Awareness and Security training

This year 1368 has been making a special effort to engage it's mid-level cadets in Cyber and we've now pushed this training down to our younger intake. Much of this is thanks to FS P who's interest in delivery was enhanced during his recent Qualified Aerospace Instructor Course (QAIC) he graduated from in April this year. On the Wing Commander's Visit to the Sqn last month, so many cadets answered her "What Badge do you want next?" question, as Bronze Cyber!

The focus on skills for the future and how to be safe online are important for everyone. They also show how the air cadets is modernising and aligning it's activities to align to make the Air Cadets organisation relevant to the RAF, investing training in the ASTRA-aligned subjects - The Campaign to build the Next Generation Royal Air Force. Of course, these skills are also useful and relevant in life and as jobs skills.


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