4 cadets from 1368 attend Method-of-Instruction (MOI) training day, 11 May 2024

Well done to the 4 cadets from 1368 Sqn that attended the Wing Method-of-Instruction (MOI) training day on Sat 11 May 2024; the first part of earning the yellow Instructor cadet lanyard.

The cadets, who had all previously done the Presentation Skills course, took part in interactive, student centred learning - using activities that can be applied on squadron to deliver effective instruction to cadets across a range of media and resources.

The cadets and staff enjoyed the discussions, questions and answers presented across the day. Next up is they need to prepare a lesson plan for delivery on the squadron. After successfully delivering, we then get a member of the Wing training team to come in and assess them for real. Normally we only get 2 places for this, so great to get the 2 scratch places.


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