Juniors undertake Initial Expedition Training (IET) training

With blue badge leadership finished and blue badge band happening in parallel for our older cadets, our junior intake undertook practical sessions on safe use of camping stoves last week. Great session with lots of enthusiasm from cadets.

This is all part of getting ready for expeditions now that summer is here (well, it's sometimes here but we do have longer daylight hours!).

Aspects of safer stove use include but are not limited to:
  1. Don’t leave a lit stove. Get water/food to stove before lighting.
  2. Don’t light into a confined space (carbon monoxide poising).
  3. Don’t light near a tent (fire risk). Never inside a tent.
  4. Make sure stove is stable with weight before lighting. If using screw on top, base needs a stabilizer. Consider moving to flat/hardcore surface.
  5. Watch out for stove tip, ensure you can exit fast to avoid scold.
  6. Don’t overfill pot, when it boils it may bubble over and make it difficult to turn down.
  7. Have cool water to hand for immediate burn mitigation. 20 mins lukewarm water asap, ideally running.
  8. Don’t pour water on to a pan on the stove. Take pan/mess tins off before adding water.
  9. Mess tins handles get hot. You cannot tell by looking, so be careful.
  10. Light stove from side not with arm over. Longer handled lighters reduce risk.
  11. Ensure gas is screwed on and sealed before lighting. Disconnect/reconnect away from people and flames. Disconnect after use. 
  12. Servicing: Check for leaks using water/washing up liquid spray.
  13. ... More ...


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