New wing band master visits to help cadets with band

2024 saw 1368 Sqn get its first ever Squadron marching band drums and bell lyres, thanks to a grant from the Warwick District Council, and we've been putting them to good use. Our blue badge band training programme is in full swing every week, helped by a visit from the new Wing band master a couple of weeks ago. 

Cadets may be awarded musician badges according to the instrument they play. The four types of badge (trumpeter, drummer, piper, and instrumentalist (lyre) are available in blue, bronze, silver or gold.

We only have lyre and drums currently. Our goal this year is for 1368 to be able to compete in the Wing band competition for the first time ever. There's still some way to go, we need to add a drum major, but we're now at the point where we have a skills foundation in place and more importantly, the cadets are really enjoying it and focused on improving.

Blue badges are awarded solely on the basis of musical ability. The following is what Drum Badge - Percussionists (excluding tuned percussion) need to do according to ACTO 123:

(1) Perform the following technical elements for the snare drum:

(a) Double stroke roll

(b) Triplet

(c) Paradiddle

(d) Flam

(e) Drag

(2) Perform the appropriate part for their instrument (side, tenor or bass drum, or cymbals) in the following pieces with either:

(a) General Salute

(b) Sunset

(c) Four different 16 beat solos

(3) Perform the appropriate part for their instrument (side, tenor or bass drum, or cymbals) in three march pieces that are regularly used by the band to which the cadet belongs.  This demonstration must be carried out on the march with sufficient numbers of the band to ensure the overall sound of the band is maintained.

(4) Demonstrate knowledge of drill and dress regulations for bands and musicians.

(5) Demonstrate correct instrument handling and maintenance.


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