Blue Leadership badges awarded...

After a very successful block of leadership training which involved mostly our junior cadets undertaking practical problem solving and command tasks, at least 16 of them were given their blue badges over the last 2 weeks. Many thanks to the NCOs and Fg Off S for making it all happen...

The blue leadership program of training has been central to our Feb/Mar training for the last two years and has proven very popular with cadets. Done in parallel with basic training it enables our new recruits to get to know each other really well by undertaking fun but challenging tasks in teams with one of them taking the responsibility of briefing and leading their peers (not an easy task but one which builds self-confidence). 

The blue badge is that it opens up the possibility to undertake the next level, Bronze, at Wing and to attend Junior NCO courses when the time comes. You need this foundation blue badge to do this.

As part of this they were taught techniques for briefing a team such as using the SMEAC acronym - Situation, Mission, Execution, Any Questions and Check Understanding and assigning timekeepers. They also learn how to cross shark infested rivers and escape from giant spiders, which is really handy.


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