1368 cadets lay a wreath to commemorate 80th anniversary the loss of Lancaster pilot and crew in the WWII Dambuster raids

Cadets from 1368 Sqn undertook a Wreath laying ceremony at Sherbourne Church just outside Warwick on Sunday May 14th at 11:00 at the bequest of ex-Flt Lt James VR(T), who was part of the Wing along with her husband 20 years ago and used to get her cadets to do the same. The parade was to commemorate the loss of a Royal Leamington Spa born Lancaster pilot Sqn Ldr Eric Maudslay, aged 21, and his crew in Operational Chastise May 16-17 1943 (more commonly known as the Dambuster raids to destroy dams in the Ruhr valley). Credit to the cadets and NCOs for their excellent drill and deportment.

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