Bronze Radio badge success, 9-10 Dec 2023

Well done to our two Cpl R's who achieved their Air Cadet Bronze Radio Badges at a weekend course held at 2286 Sqn, 9-10 Dec 2023.

The Bronze 'Radio Operator' course follows on from the Blue, Basic Radio Operator badge and gives a cadet the skills required to be a radio operator for a flight of cadets on an exercise.  A good example of this is a flight radio operator at RIAT.  Completion of this level results in the awarding of a Bronze certificate and badge by the Wing Radio Communications Officer. A cadet must be at least 1st Class Cadet Classification and had their 14th birthday to commence Cadet Radio Operator training. The course was done over a weekend and included as a minimum of 12 hours training with at least 2 hours of operating practice.

A cadet or staff member competent to Radio Operator (Bronze badge) or above can supervise the operating of a Basic Radio Operator cadet (Blue badge). Also, any member of RAFAC, Staff or Instructor Cadet, can teach 1st Class Basic Radio Communications if following the standardised training material.


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