2024 and we're already Cossack dancing

... and why not?

New for 2024 is are that they're are three Duty Flights and we've renamed them Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie with some inter-flight challenges to be thrown into parade nights to build up flight camaraderie after some amazing times on cross country (old man beaten by three this time). Alpha bossed it in week 1, competition 1. Main focus for week was to wrap up some of the exams, DofE sign-offs and cross country training from 2023 ahead of the new & exciting programme for 2024, incl. we hope - a spot of fieldcraft. Camaraderie is sometimes pronounced as Comradery. They mean the same though, i.e. warm feelings of friendship, closeness and loyalty shared among a group of people or a team of people. 


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