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This Week In Pictures (15/11/21)

1 / 3 We've finished remembrance parade prep, now onto our next big event... Prize Giving! Prize Giving is an annual event (excluding last year, for obvious reasons) that takes place at cadets where we reflect on the previous year, celebrating achievements and handing out awards. Here are Cdts M, G and B busy preparing their presentation on their DofE expedition in the Peak District. 2 / 3 It was also straight back into classification training this week! Here is Cdt M in the final stages of his training, completing his Leading classification exam, ready to advance to the next level. 3 / 3 To celebrate all of our hard work we put into the remembrance parades, we went ice skating! Oh wait, the ice rink's closed. Anyway, we had a games night instead! Games such as capture the flag and tug of war allowed the cadets to show off their strategic and leadership skills, as well as their competitive sides. It was a very fun and relaxed night that was enj

This Week In Pictures (08/11/21)

1 / 4 More parade preparation this week! This time we were focusing on bulling and polishing parade shoes. Here are a shiny pair of parade shoes bulled by new recruit Cdt H. They're already looking amazing! 2 / 4 Well done to our two wreath layers for the Warwick and Leamington parades - Cdt M and Cdt N. They both did an awesome job at representing us at the respective war memorials. The job doesn't just involve the physical aspect of actually laying the wreath, but also writing a personal and thoughtful message on it, on behalf of the squadron. It's a big responsibility and they both should be very proud of themselves. 3 / 4 And finally... a HUGE congratulations to everyone who took part in the Remembrance parades! Both parades were fantastic, proving that all of the preparation was definitely worth it. (Warwick Parade) 4 / 4 Once again, you should all be really proud of yourselves. You've not only done the squadron proud, but

Cadets assist at the Warwick Bonfire

On Saturday 6th November, cadets helped at the Warwick Bonfire. The annual event at the Warwick Racecourse is a charity fundraiser for the Lions and Rotary Clubs. Cadets helped in setting up the bonfire on the Saturday morning, and then returned late afternoon to assist with entry into the racecourse as well as assisting the public with any issues. The cadets enjoyed the bonfire and fireworks display in the evening. Finally, the cadets helped pack away equipment before heading home. This is not the first time 1368 Squadron have been to the bonfire, and look forward to offering its services in the future.

This Week In Pictures (01/11/21)

1 / 3 We have been focusing on our classification studies for the past few weeks, in hope that everyone can move up a level before the new year. Here are Cadets M and G completing their Leading class exams, ready to move onto Senior. 2 / 3 This week we have been doing a lot of drill practice, ready for our Remembrance Parades in Warwick and Leamington. This is a photo from our last Remembrance Parade in Warwick. 3 / 3 As well as drill, there was also a uniform upkeep demonstration from our NCOs. 'How to Bull Your Parade Shoes' with Cpl M and Cpl C. ❮ ❯ 📷 Cpl Cox and Fg Off C

Well done to Cdt W on his Silver DofE Award

Well done to Cdt W on achieving his Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award with the Sqn. Remember, it only gets harder for Gold. Not everybody makes it ;-)