This Week In Pictures (15/11/21)

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We've finished remembrance parade prep, now onto our next big event... Prize Giving! Prize Giving is an annual event (excluding last year, for obvious reasons) that takes place at cadets where we reflect on the previous year, celebrating achievements and handing out awards. Here are Cdts M, G and B busy preparing their presentation on their DofE expedition in the Peak District.
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It was also straight back into classification training this week! Here is Cdt M in the final stages of his training, completing his Leading classification exam, ready to advance to the next level.
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To celebrate all of our hard work we put into the remembrance parades, we went ice skating! Oh wait, the ice rink's closed. Anyway, we had a games night instead! Games such as capture the flag and tug of war allowed the cadets to show off their strategic and leadership skills, as well as their competitive sides. It was a very fun and relaxed night that was enjoyed by all.

📷 Cpl Cox


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