The RAF Air Cadet's Astra initiative

Air Commodore Anthony Keeling is a senior Royal Air Force officer and current Commandant Air Cadets. He's very keen to update the Air Cadets to align with the modern world and the type of skills that are important in the RAF. Astra is the name given to the initiative to modernize air cadet training to align with this future.

RAF Air Cadet Purpose

We are an Air, Space and Cyber focused uniformed youth organisation whose purpose is to grow young people’s potential while fostering an interest in the Royal Air Force.

RAF Air Cadet Astra Ambition

A leading, progressive and inclusive organisation delivering life-enhancing Air Cadet experiences that will equip our people to contribute to every aspect of the national Air, Space and Cyber enterprise.

RAF Air Cadet Astra Vision

To achieve this ambition, the Air Cadets will modernise and transform as an Air, Space and Cyber focussed uniformed youth organisation, providing innovative and inclusive life-enhancing experiences for young people, reflecting the needs of the Royal Air Force, education, industry and wider society.


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