Congratulations to cadets on passing their Leading Cadet classification

Well done to Cpl N, Cdt W and Cdt R on being the latest to pass their Leading Cadet classifications. Took a while to finish off exams but ultimately it's nice to get badges and certificates come through, and special mention to Cdt W on taking initiative and being the first to complete (a while ago).

Leading cadet classification comes after First Class and is focused on learning 3 core subjects: Principles of Flight, Basic Navigation with Map and Compass, and Airmanship Knowledge. Training builds on what a cadet learnt during their First Class Cadet training and provides progression to Senior Cadet. All 3 subjects are mandatory and are part of the BTEC Level 2 Diploma in Aviation Studies.

Airmanship Knowledge Learning Objectives (LO's) include:

LO1: Know types of airfield operations used for the control of aircraft
LO2: Know the Rules of the Air
LO3: Know how to identify military aircraft

Principles of Flight Learning Objectives (LO's) include:

LO1: Understand the principles of flight
LO2: Understand how the stability and manoeuvrability of an aeroplane are controlled
LO3: Know the principles of flight and control for glider
LO4: Know the principles of flight and control for rotary wing aircraft

Navigation on Land Using Map and Compass Learning Objectives (LO's) include:

LO1: Be able to show the different types of north
LO2: Be able to use a map and lightweight walking compass for practical navigation
LO3: Know land navigation methods
LO4: Know weather conditions that affect land navigation


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