Some Silver DofE lining finally coming through

Congratulations to Sgt G and Sgt C on getting their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards finally signed off. You marched through that one quite well and stepped up to the plate. It was a long road but fitting that you're the first of the batch through the oven.

The Air Cadets is the largest operating Authority of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. The DofE objectives have strong parallels in the RAF Air Cadets and participation is strongly encouraged. Benefits for participants include:
  • The DofE is understood by those outside of the ATC, where achievement in cadet examinations or other ATC activities may not be.
  • There is a greater expectation of involvement by the cadet in the planning stage of their DofE experience than in standard cadet syllabus, thus accelerating the process of personal development.
  • The ATC syllabus offers an almost ‘off-the-shelf’ programme to gain an Award and there are ample opportunities for cadets and young volunteer staff to gain Awards by their work within the Corps.
  • DofE generates success in areas of particular interest to the cadet or volunteer at a higher level than that at which they are currently working.



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