This Week In Pictures (14/02/22)

 "What would be a good opener?.." thought Sgt C as he began to write a blog post in between doing his geography homework and researching Leadership training. 

Anyway, I've been busy, but now I'm back, with a camera in my hand; and I've come to tell you all about what we've been doing at 1368 Squadron, through the only way I know how... This Week In Pictures!

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It was back to classification training this week, with the new cadet flights completing their First Class logbooks in their lessons. In this photo, Sgt P is helping Cdt F to finish the Map Reading section of the logbook.
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The new cadets weren't the only ones doing classifications. All of the cadets are putting in the effort, and we hope that we can move everyone up a level in their classifications within a few months time.
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On Wednesday, instead of cross country, we had a sporty/games night. Games such as 'Playing Card Shuttle Runs' and 'Blindfolded Snakes' encouraged leadership, as well as involving a lot of luck! Everyone enjoyed the night, but unfortunately for some, it's back to cross country next week!

📷 Sgt C


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