Another Bronze DofE Award

Squadron has 8 cadets undertaking Bronze, 12 at Silver, and 6 at Gold. Well done to Cdt R who navigated their way into achieving their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, soon to be followed up with a Silver, no doubt. 

The Royal Air Force Air Cadets is one of the largest operating authorities of the DofE Scheme. Its ethos aligns to those of the Air Cadets:.
  • Respect: Self and Mutual Respect.
  • Integrity: Integrity Always.
  • Service: Service Before Self.
  • Excellence: Striving for Excellence.
Cadets can start DofE Bronze if they turn 14 in their current school year and join with peers. Costs of doing DofE with the RAFAC organisation are kept very low by avoiding paying for commercial provision of expeditions and central funding of cadets' enrollment fees, if they pass. 


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