Operation Expansion update: So far, so good

October saw an usual intake of fresh new cadets into the 1368-fold. Idea was to repeat the success of our large "1021" intake by having a large cohort at same time so they make friends and go through training together. Queen's death put things back a few weeks hence our "1022" intake turned out to be a bit bigger than planned hence we've been parading 40+ more recently. Cunning plan to scare them off with cross country running didn't work out (38 turned out when it was the worst weather we'd seen). Seems that some have stuck around hence the NCOs have been drilling and shouting at them to see if any leave.

And the purpose of drill is? Well, from AP 818: "Drill is a powerful aid to discipline. It develops a sense of corporate pride, alertness, precision and readiness to obey orders instantly. Good drill in aircraft is directly fostered by the habit of drilling smartly on parade. Personnel are better prepared for any work they have to do – on the ground or in the air – if fit and mentally alert. Thus, smartness on parade is not only a sign of good discipline, but a basic factor in raising the standard of performance of all Service duties." AKA: getting used to following orders and being part of a team.


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