1368 Air Cadets land helicopter next to Sqn building...

 ... well, sort of. What actually happened is that cadets has a "synthetic flying training" day out at RAF Tern Hill hosted by 632 Volunteer Gliding School (VGS) on Nov 26. Dubbed operation ‘Get Flying Wings’, it was a great success with a hoard of Blue flying wings and certificates. No real aircraft but cadets were tutored through flying a glider and completed their synthetic simulator tests, visited a control tower, and got to play around in the cadet room, including landing a helicopter next to a new design of the 1368 Sqn building. Great cadet day out with a nice mix of cadets from across the board.

"Blue Badge Wings" is part of the Air Cadet progressive training syllabus.

The Blue Aviation Training Package (Blue ATP) introduces cadets to aeronautical concepts including the primary and further effects of controls, lift vectors and airfield procedures. There are 4 elements to the training:

  1. Cadet Aviation Familiarisation Course (FAM)
  2. Ground school
  3. Part Task Trainer (PTT), i.e. assessed using a simulator.
  4. Airborne sortie(s) at an Air Experience Flight (AEF) for A Wings or Airborne sortie(s) at a Volunteer Gliding School (VGS) for G Wings. i.e. a real flight.

Well done to all the cadets on their Wings. More flying ahead for them, hopefully.


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